Chumbawamba were an English musical group formed in 1982 in the Leeds squatting community. They have, over a career spanning nearly three decades, played punk rock, pop-influenced music, world music, and folk music. Their vocal anarchist politics exhibit an irreverent attitude toward authority; the band have been forthright in their syndicalist, pacifist, communist, mutlicultural, and feminist social stances. The band are best known for their song “Tubthumping.” Other singles have included “Amnesia,” “Enough Is Enough” (with MC Fusion), “Timebomb,” “Top of the World (Ole, Ole, Ole),” and most recently, “Add Me.” On 7th July 2012 Chumbawamba announced their impending breakup before the end of the year. Their very last concert was given at the Leeds City Varieties. At this show former members of the band, such as Harry Hamer and Danbert Nobacon made their appearance. At this theatre, Chumbawamba already performed 'Big Society!' with radical theatre company Red Ladder. The last EP of the band was released April 8th, 2013, when Margaret Thatcher passed away. The Margaret Thatcher EP 'In Memoriam' is a 5-track sound collage featuring a few small songs, which could only be pre-ordered. It was mailed to all who pre-ordered on that very day. Early years (1982-1991) The band was formed in 1982 from two other bands based in Yorkshire, The Passion Killers and Chimp Eats Banana. They released a series of albums (such as Pictures of Starving Children Sell Recor...

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